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Simian International opens Trinidad scaffolding training centre

March 3rd, 2020

The Simian International team were proud to visit the beautiful island of Trinidad in January to officially open their latest CISRS scaffolding training centre in partnership with SMTL, one of Trinidad’s most prominent training institutions.

Trinidad’s scaffolding industry is thriving but many of the talented scaffolders lack the relevant training that ultimately ensures competent and safe work, in line with global standards. Therefore, Trinidad’s newest CISRS scaffolding training centre will ensure that scaffolders across the island have access to expert training that will allow them to progress their skills and significantly improve safety standards at sites across the island.

Training is now underway at the site. Senior Instructor, Abid Gul, alongside the centre’s organisers, have successfully introduced NASC’s technical guidelines SG4 and CISRS’s standardised material guidelines TG-20 to scaffolders at the centre. Abid has also successfully delivered a CISRS OSTS scaffolder Level 1 and SSPTS Cuplok course to 96 delegates, with all successfully passing their theory and practical examinations.


Ensuring scaffolding safety on a global scale

With innovations and developments moving at a lightening fast pace, there will always be an element of risk to these projects, particularly with regards to working at height. Whilst these risks can never be entirely eliminated, they can be managed effectively throughout the use of best practice and training.

Our main goal is to convey to delegates that it is not just enough to understand how to do a task, they must also understand the risks of illness and injury associated with carrying out said task and the steps they can take to keep this risk to a minimum.

For over a decade the team at Simian International has dedicated their time to ensuring that high standards of health and safety are translated to sites on a global scale. Working within many countries, from Dubai to Oman, South Korea to Nigeria, our expert scaffolding trainers and consultants have had a huge impact on safety standards across a range of sites.

We hope that our new centre in Trinidad will encourage fellow scaffolding professionals, throughout the Caribbean islands, to take an informed approach to their day to day operations, resulting in improved safety standards.

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