An education in access


International Advanced Scaffold Inspection


2 Days


This course is aimed at those who are required to carry out safety inspections for complex designed access, working and special scaffolds.


To give the attendees such knowledge and skills to enable them to inspect complex designed access, working and special scaffolds and complete safety inspection reports.


Successful delegates will receive a Simian Skill ‘International Scaffolder’ Certificate of Training and can apply for an ‘International Scaffolder’ Record Card for Advanced Scaffold Inspector.


  • Statutory Requirements & Codes of Practice
  • International Standards (British, European, US & Local)
  • International Best Practice & Industry Standards (NASC)
  • Overview of Fall prevention in Scaffolding
  • Advanced Component Information
  • Review of Basic Structures
  • Scaffold Design Overview & Interpreting Drawings
  • Advanced Scaffold Structures (including):
    • Suspended Scaffolds
    • Cantilevered Scaffolds
    • Splayed / Radial Scaffolds
    • Shores (Dead, Raking, Flying)
    • Ramps & Gangways
    • Scaffold Inspection In Practice
    • Scaffold Inspection Reports
    • Scaffold Tagging Systems
    • Scaffold Inspection Exercises
    • Knowledge Test and Assessment
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