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How is Simian International ensuring the safety of training delegates during the COVID-19 pandemic?

July 28th, 2020

Over the last few months, we have all faced an unprecedented challenge, as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted people on a global scale.

Businesses have had to respond urgently to the threat of the virus, and put procedures in place to ensure the wellbeing of anybody that enters their workplace. From country to country the response to this has differed, due to the fact that the severity and the stage of response a certain country is in with regards to the pandemic can be drastically different from one to the next.

For the team at Simian International, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a particular challenge, as we have so many training centres based in different countries. A large part of this response has been to shut down centres when guidance and government restrictions have required it. But in addition to this, we have also ensured a COVID-safe environment within all of our centres once they have been allowed to reopen by carrying out the following methods:

Centres deep cleaned

We have made sure that all of our centres are deep-cleaned on a very regular basis and have cleaners in every day to keep on top of it. This ensures that delegates can begin and complete their training, safe in the knowledge that the centre itself is safe for use.

Disinfecting all equipment

Prior to its use and immediately following, all equipment used within our training centres has been thoroughly disinfected by the team.

Temperature Checks

All staff and learners are checked twice a day with our temperature guns.


Hand sanitizer stations have been placed around the classrooms, toilets and practical areas.

Social distancing measures

Whether in a classroom or during practical training, we ensure that all delegates and trainers maintain effective social distancing measures at all times. We have worked alongside CISRS and PASMA with their guidance and reduced numbers in the classroom due to the classroom sizes. Numbers have been reduced on practical courses because of social distancing.

Delegates required to wear a mask

Mandatory in UAE but required in our training centres throughout the globe, each delegate is required to wear a mask. Our trainers have also been fully equipped with the appropriate PPE, including gloves, masks and face shields.

Our main goal during this troubling time has been to keep our training delegates and trainers safe, and therefore we will continue to follow these measures and adapt to comply with any new guidance as part of our ‘new normal’.

As the global partner centres are coming out of lockdown they must all comply with the CISRS rules and submit proof before future training commences.

It has been a challenge but nothing we cannot cope with if it means the safety of our teams and learners.

If you are looking for support to ensure you continue to work safely at height both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, speak to our team today to book your place on one of our upcoming courses.